Breakout SPeakers

All speakers are subject to change

Breakout Sessions Topics

Motorcycle Safety


 Address six areas of motorcycle safety 

A–Apparel – learn how wearing certain items can affect both comfort and reduce injuries in the event a crash occurs. Be prepared and be educated!

L– Laws *Know the laws in the state you are riding. 50 States = 50 sets of laws!

I– Impaired Riding (or should we call it Anti-Impaired Riding) – impairment may mean the operator is under the influence of drugs or alcohol but it could also be the result of becoming sleepy, distracted or more. 

V– Visibility * We often think of this as the responsibility of motorists to be aware of the motorcyclist but we help the motorcyclists be visible to the car driver!

E– Education *Continuing to learn all you can about riding and taking Rider Education classes increases your ability and confidence. 

1st Response - Proper & effective response until emergency help arrives

Be a Better Biker!!!!  

Accident Scene Management


 ASM is the leading Motorcycle Trauma Training Organization in the world. We have trained nearly 40,000 riders since 1996.

Our programs are taught to both motorcyclists and Professional responders. We believe that the most likely person to be first at the scene of a motorcyclist crash is another motorcyclist. Our classes are accredited and overseen by medical professionals. Topics such as controlling traffic, how to move the injured, Jaw Thrust Rescue Breathing, Helemt Removal, Tourniquets, assisting the EMS with extrication and more are taught in our classes

After a crash occurs there is a gap in time of 5-55 minutes before an ambulance arrives. Will you know how to help a friend in need? Will they know how to help you?

Fundraising in the motorcycle community


Gone are the days when having a poker run to help an injured riders is enough.  

In this breakout session we will discuss other productive ways of fundraising and fundraising platforms such as GoFundme, Network for Good, and Facebook fundraising

Sponsorship of your non-profit has also changed and the support from the riding community is difficult.  We will also discuss new ways of acquiring sponsors to help fund your organization

Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Motorcycle attorneys are there when we need them the most, but there are only as effective as the policies WE riders have on our bikes or the driver has on his car.  This breakout session is about educating our riders to carry the proper coverages and what we can do as a injured rider non-profit to help them effectively AFTER an accident.  

Motorcycle Awareness come in many forms


 Look Twice Save a Life was the catch tag phrase in motorcycle awareness, but now motorcycle riders have additional challenges beside enjoying the rider.  We will discuss in this session how to become involved at the legislative level to keep the roads safer and to educate our riders in what they need to do to keep themselves safe.  Freedom of the Ride is no longer FREE!

Running a non-profit in todays social media


 We all venture into being a part of a non-profit to help others, but the work involved in being compliant isn't fun, this class will focus on how to get your non-profit out to your community instead of waiting for them to find you.